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Benefits of EasyHR Software

HR Management Software

Employee Management & Document Expiry Reminders

EasyHR is a very easy to use HR Management & Payroll software. You can manage complete details of your employees in the software. All those document which you take care of your employees like passport, visa, emirates ID etc. EasyHR reminds you to renew those documents before expiry date. You can also attach unlimited documents with each employee record in the software.

Payroll Software in Dubai

Easy Payroll Calculation

In one click, EasyHR takes Basic Salary + Allowances - Deductions and prepares Standard Salary Statement, Payslips & WPS SIF file. Software can email payslips in a click. You can import over time & absents in the month to calculate salary accordingly. Software saves your lot of time to do complicated payroll calculations of allowance, deductions, absents, cash advance installment deductions & over time etc

HR Software Features

Main Features

Employee Management

Employee Management

Maintain Employee records with basic details, salary, passport & visa, qualification & experience. Set Basic salary, unlimited allowances & deductions & much mor.

Expiry Reminders

Document Expiry Reminders

Dashboard with documents expiry reminders like Passport, Visa, Emirates ID, Leave due etc. Also reminders for Company Trade License, Tenancy contracts & other renewals.

Document Management

Document Attachments

Save unlimited documents witheach employee records to view or print later, when you need. It accepts all common format like word, excel or pdf etc. You can attach documents with your company and vehicle records also.

Vacation History

Increment & Leave History

Keep record of salary increments & annual leave. EasyHR Helps you to take decision if it is right time to give increment. Enter record of vacation when someone goes on leave and it calculates total taken vacation & balance of each employee.

Employee Expense Record

Expenses & Issued Assets

Keep History of all expenses occurred on each employee and record of all issued assets to each employee, so you can take back when employee leaves company..

Payroll Calculation

Payroll Calculation

It Calculates Monthly salary automatically in one click. Like (Basic + Allowances + Over time) - (Deduction + Loan Installment + leave deduction).

Salary Statement

Salary Statement & Pay Slips

It prepare monthly salary statement. You can Email Pay Slips to all employees in one click. Option to print single pay slip or all for the month in one click.

WPS .Sif File

Automatic WPS .Sif File

Based on salary calculations, Software creates WPS .SIF file automatically. EasyHR have option to convert to excel format also. We can configure it to prepare non-standard WPS file also. No need to do anything manually, not even file name.

Loan Management

Employee Loan Mgmt

Manage records & history of given cash advance to employees and EasyHR deducts installment from salary automatically until recovered full loan. Software offers flexibility to skip or change deduction for any month..

Company Management

Company & Vehicle Module

Maintain Basic detail of company, Trade license, Tenancy contracts, Insurance and other contracts. Network ready, multi company & multi user software with module level access rights.

HR Software Features

How Many days earlier, we get document expiry reminders?

Under Settings, For each subject, you can define, how many days earlier you want to get reminders before expiry date.

What is Gratuiry Calculation Formula in this Software?

Default gratuity calculation formula for UAE is already defined in the software. However you can change the formula under Settings of software. Very Easy to use interface is provided to define formulas for service years & # of salary days. You can define formulas for Limited and unlimited contracts and same time you can set rules for resigned & terminated cases as well

How many companies we can create? Any Limitation on number of Employees?

There is no limitation on Number of Companies. You can create unlimited companies. Under each company, you can record unlimited employees.

How this software calculates Over Time?

Software have pre defined Over Time formuls which you can change by yourself. You can create unlimited OT Formulas and assign different formulas for different employees. For Each employee, you can define four formuls for Normal Days, Fridays, Public Holidays and Special Days. EasyHR calculates OT rate as per assigned formulas and salary is calculated accordingly.

Is this single user or multi user software?

EasyHR is a multi user software. It can work on local network for multiple users. You need to buy number of users to install on number of computers. EasyHR is a desktop application and need to install on each PC where you want to use it.

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