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For Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Middle East, we offer top-notch HR and payroll software.

Get HR and payroll software that is completely customized to your company's needs. Depending on the editions they select, the HRMS & Payroll software Dubai offer can help customers with all of their fundamental and even complicated company requirements.

The program is exceedingly adaptable and scalable. Manage various processes, such as time and attendance, payroll systems, performance reviews, benefits administration, applicant and employee tracking, etc., effectively. In Dubai, UAE, we provide the best HR and payroll solutions.


HR Management Software Automate your HR processes

As the company's foundation, employees are treated well, and the business must keep thorough records of all the information that is crucial to them. The burden of maintaining employee data and crucial documents falls on the HR staff as the workforce grows, making it difficult to provide better service to all of the employees.

As a result, an HR software solution UAE is needed. The answer to this is HRMS software in the UAE.

Features of HR & Payroll Software Solution:

    Employee Scheduling. Time Tracking Essential accounting Talent management Performance management
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HRMS Modules

  • Employee Engagement Board

    By assisting with the establishment of recruitment campaigns and the production and publication of job opportunities in accordance, HRMS makes it simple to manage your hiring process.

    You may see in detail the classification, the number of positions, the current count, the available positions, and the expected cost per position using the HRMS staffing plan.

    Internal hiring is one of the best recruitment strategies because it saves both time and money
    Employee referrals are under your control in HRMS. In the HRMS, you may keep track of who has applied for a particular position.
    After candidate selection, you can retain a record of the employment offers you've made to candidates in HRMS.
  • Performance reviews with HRMS

    Performance assessments are used to evaluate and record an employee's performance. By creating an appraisal template for each role in the HRMS that includes the performance-defining criteria and appropriately weights each factor, you can manage employee reviews.

    Effectively manage a variety of processes, including application and employee tracking, performance reviews, benefits administration, payroll systems, and time and attendance. We offer the best HR and payroll solutions in Dubai, UAE.

  • HRMS manages the employee life cycle

    The employee management cycle includes skill mapping, employee onboarding, promotions, and separations. Elate HRMS manages all of these tasks.

    Purchase HR and payroll software that is fully tailored to your business's requirements. The HRMS & Payroll software assists clients with all fundamental and even complex business requirements, depending on the versions they choose. It is an extremely scalable and adaptable program.

  • Employee mobility

    The act of moving an employee from one site, division, or unit to another is known as internal mobility. You can record staff transfers to different businesses or departments using the HRMS Employee Transfer document.

    Transfer paperwork is submitted either before or after the transfer date. All changes to the Transfer Details table are reflected in the Employee after submission.

  • Employee training with HRMS

    HRMS training portion includes the training event, program, outcomes, and feedback. In the HRMS, you can create a training program and schedule training sessions under it.

    Following the training, staff members can offer feedback and receive the results via Training Feedback.

Travel and Expenses

There are times when employees must go beyond the country for work-related reasons, and the corporation is liable for some of their expenses. Employees can seek money for professional travel using the Travel request feature in HRMS.

Additionally, you can apply for an advance payment from the business using the HRMS employee advance option.

HRMS Leave Section

In this area, you can read more about how HRMS enables you to efficiently manage your company's leave schedule. Different holiday lists are created in HRMS and distributed to your staff by your preferences.

There is any number of leave types produced depending on the requirements of your company. Most companies handle vacations based on a leave period that relates to a fiscal year or a calendar year.

Payroll Set-up

Payroll management involves managing salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions for employees. The payroll part of the HRMS allows employees to examine their salary information.

In Dubai for 2019, Elate HRMS Software was regarded as the Best HRMS Software for Small Businesses. It remains the best HRMS software in the UAE through 2022.

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Paysheet Management

Paysheet management includes keeping track of employee salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions. The payroll part of the HRMS allows employees to examine their salary information.

Payroll processing is a must for every company's HR function. HRMS substantially streamlines this process by offering a variety of features, including Salary Structure, administration, and bulk processing of employee payroll. In exchange for work accomplished, an employer will pay a worker a salary or some other form of payment.

Payment structure

An employee's payment structure contains information on their compensation, including the breakdown of the many components that make up their pay. You can configure the Earnings and Deductions of a payment Structure, the Payroll Periodicity, and the Payment Mode using payroll software, among other things.

Payroll software also enables you to design the Salary Structure for Salary Slips based on Timesheets, allowing the business to pay its employees according to working hours

Salary statement

It is a document that is given to an employee. It contains a detailed summary of the employee's pay rates and benefits. Using payroll software, salary slips can be produced. You can create a pay slip based on information from the timesheet and attendance and leave.

The ability to generate salary statements for the current year and current month is another function of payroll software. The development of the company depends on the Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Extra pay

In addition to their normal compensation, employees of corporations may also get a wage. Payroll software provides you with a tool called Additional Salary that allows you to add or take away the employee's salary when processing the payroll.

Before adding a new salary, you must first create the employee and salary components in the payroll software. Recurring supplementary salary is a function available in payroll software. Users can create an Additional Salary for a set length of time using this functionality.

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